Calgary Residential Real Estate Lawyers Acting for Buyers, Sellers, Lenders & Developers 

There is significant legal and financial risk in entering a residential real estate transaction without proper guidance from an experienced lawyer. Without sound legal advice, you could end up paying more than you should for your home (or will accept an offer that is too low), or worse yet, you could end up with a deal that falls through due to missed paperwork, or details that go unnoticed.

At DBH Law in Calgary, our real estate lawyers have more than 25 years of combined experience acting for purchasers, lenders, and developers through all stages of residential real estate transactions.

We help our clients avoid huge areas of risk, including poorly drafted or incomplete agreements of purchase and sale, hidden fees, encroachment or easement issues, complex concerns like properties held in trust, and similar pitfalls. We also look for contract language which may impose unfavourable duties or obligations.

Residential Real Estate Services for Purchasers & Sellers 

The purchase or sale of a new home or condo is often the single largest investment a person will ever make. Without representation from a lawyer, you may be surprised with unexpected fees, liabilities and risks you never even considered, and other unforeseen issues.

Our experienced real estate lawyers diligently review all paperwork, looking for mistakes or omissions that could have serious consequences, such as granting someone an unintended easement on your property. We also work to ensure the agreed upon terms of purchase and sale are in line with our clients’ interest. For example, a purchaser agreeing to buy a home with the condition of securing financing will want to make sure they don’t unintentionally agree to unfavourable financing terms.

At DBH Law, we work in a pragmatic and cost-effective way to help you with the successful purchase or sale of your home. We understand that individuals selling or purchasing a home are faced with a number of often overwhelming expenses, and as such, we offer competitive fees while providing outstanding service.

Our Residential Real Estate Services for Lenders 

DBH Law represents residential real estate lenders by helping to structure and execute real estate loans. We are aware of the significant risk lenders assume in real estate transactions, such as not properly securing a loan, leaving a lender vulnerable if repayment becomes an issue.

We aim to provide a seamless transaction for our clients as well as their customers, the borrowers. We can help find solutions to difficult problems and assist our clients in navigating the complex area of collateralized loans. Since we also work with purchasers, we are experienced in identifying and addressing potential problems early, minimizing all potential risks, and helping to quickly close transactions that meet everyone’s needs.

Our Residential Real Estate Services for Developers 

Financing, tax issues, building code issues and by-law compliance can create major problems for residential real estate developers. Because of this, it is incredibly important to protect your investment by working with experienced, professional real estate lawyers.

For more than 25 years, the Calgary real estate lawyers at DBH Law have been representing residential real estate developers through every stage of a project.  We combine our significant knowledge and experience in real estate law with our equally significant knowledge and experience in construction law to provide in-depth risk management solutions to property developers.

Our Residential Real Estate Services 

The lawyers at DBH Law can help you through every step of residential real estate transactions, including:

  • Home purchase and sale;
  • Condo purchase and sale;
  • Mortgage financing and refinancing;
  • Interfamily property transfer;
  • Survivorship applications;
  • Ownership and family agreements;
  • Real estate issues following a separation or divorce;
  • Breach of warranty;
  • Instances when a buyer or seller is unwilling to close;
  • Misrepresentation;
  • Real estate financing; and
  • Property disclosure documentation, including obtaining a Real Property Report at the earliest stage of the transaction.

Excellent Service, Affordable Rates 

At DBH Law our team of lawyers is a very practical. Our pragmatic approach to the law means our clients receive competent, modern, professional service. Our cost-effective fees relative to other firms help keep our clients’ costs down without sacrificing on responsive, concise and very competent legal advice. Our real estate lawyers take pride in building strong relationships with our clients, helping us keep your priorities and needs front of mind.

Calgary Residential Real Estate Lawyers Offering Comprehensive Services to Buyers and Sellers 

Contact the experienced residential real estate lawyers at DBH Law in Calgary to see how we can help you through your next residential real estate transaction. We can be reached online or by phone at 403.252.9937.