Calgary Litigators Handling Construction Law Disputes 

If you’re involved in construction at any level of the construction pyramid, you know that a well-built foundation provides a critical base for a project and ensures that a structure doesn’t collapse.

From a legal perspective, contracts and other important agreements provide this same type of foundation: providing safety and risk management, and ensuring a project stays on track.  However, no matter how well-drafted such documents are, they cannot mitigate all risk and don’t necessarily remove the possibility of disputes arising.

The knowledgeable Calgary construction lawyers and staff at DBH Law understand the complex risks of both multimillion-dollar and smaller construction projects and the expensive disputes that can arise when something goes wrong in all cases. We handle all elements of a construction relationship. We can proactively advise and help draft important documents such as contractor and subcontractor agreements and similar, to make expectations clear and eliminate as much risk as possible. We can also represent you in any litigation or other dispute resolution that may be needed if a dispute arises.

Comprehensive Legal Advice for Your Construction Project 

Our highly experienced construction lawyers rely on their strong technical knowledge and many years of experience representing clients in this highly focused area of law to provide our clients with strategic guidance and advice.

We take pride in building long-lasting relationships with our clients, relying on these relationships to better understand our client’s specific needs and goals. We regularly provide advice on:

  • Builders’ liens;
  • Contractor and subcontractor agreements;
  • Construction financing;
  • Defence of claims and dispute resolution;
  • Design and engineering issues; and
  • Procurement agreements.

Common Issues that Arise During Construction Projects 

Construction projects are rife with inherent legal and financial risk. With every job there is a lot at stake, and a lot of things that can go wrong. Any of these potential problems can add significant delays to a project, lengthening the time to completion, costing all parties significant sums of money, and amplifying legal and financial liability for all involved.

Some frequent issues that may have to be addressed during the lifespan of a project include:

  • Unpaid wages;
  • Defective design or construction issues; and
  • Delay claims.

Resolution of Construction Disputes 

While construction disputes may be resolved in court, like other legal disputes, a courtroom is not always the most effective forum to do so. While judges are obviously very familiar with the law in general, they may not necessarily have the specialized knowledge needed to oversee a construction dispute, which comes with very specific intricacies.

Many construction contracts and/or collective agreements recognize this and contain arbitration provisions that lay out how disputes between the parties must be addressed. Taking part in these processes requires assistance from legal counsel who has a deep and thorough understanding of the construction industry and the idiosyncrasies of the laws and procedures that govern it.

Experienced Construction Lawyers With You Every Step of The Way 

The strategic, professional team of construction lawyers at DBH Law have many years of experience advising clients on construction matters and a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the construction industry.

Over the years, we have represented clients at all levels of the construction pyramid including developers, builders, project managers, contractors, engineers, architects, suppliers, and lenders.

We understand the importance of quickly resolving disputes when they arise, so that costly delays and other major risks can be avoided, things can get back on track as soon as possible, everyone can get back to work, and a project can be completed.

We understand the sensitivities around costs, and so we use our experience to apply a pragmatic approach to the law; one that keeps your goals front and centre while avoiding unnecessary costs. 

Contact our Knowledgeable Calgary Construction Lawyers for Trusted Legal Advice 

The team of professional and experienced construction lawyers at DBH Law have the experience and technical knowledge to provide you with the legal advice needed in the modern construction industry. We understand the number of moving pieces involved in construction projects and work tirelessly to resolve issues quickly. Contact us online or by phone at 403.252.9937 to discover how we can help you today.