Calgary Lawyers You Can Trust When Borrowing or Lending Money 

For over 25 years, the knowledgeable business lawyers at DBH Law have been assisting our clients in the borrowing or lending of money for business purposes. Our clients work directly with our personable and professional team of corporate lawyers through all stages of financing from negotiations to closing the deal and instituting contract security.

Mitigating Risk in Corporate Financing 

Whether you are borrowing or lending money, there are inherent risks involved in financing.

As the owner of a business, you may be putting your livelihood on the line in order to grow your company. For investors, it’s important to make sure you are making informed decisions on how your money is being invested.

Both borrowers and lenders should be extremely careful to protect their interests and mitigate risk.

At DBH Law in Calgary, we can help you protect your money by relying on our significant experience to minimize your legal and financial liability. We understand the risks assumed by borrowers and lenders and provide pragmatic solutions to the issues they face. We are highly competent in this area of law, but don’t just take our word for it – we pride ourselves on the fact that most of our clients were referred to us by former clients and current clients.

Understanding Transactions from All Points of View 

We have assisted our clients with financing advice across a wide range of transactions, incorporating all points of view – borrower, lender, investor, and regulator. Our experience working on both sides of these relationships has given us insight into what each party looks for in a transaction and allows us to proactively address potential risks before they arise.

We rely on our experience sitting on both sides of the table to provide unparalleled guidance and risk mitigation to our clients. We are able to anticipate possible problems and address them in advance, while protecting client rights and ensuring their goals and objectives are met.

We regularly provide guidance on:

  • Construction financing;
  • Equity take out;
  • Land development and investment; and
  • Secured, syndicated and mezzanine financing.

We understand the complex needs of our clients and are quick to respond to your unique issues and demands. Our in-depth knowledge of financing combined with our practical approach to the law will provide you with the advice you need to confident about decisions around the borrowing or lending of money.

Contact the Business Lawyers at DBH Law in Calgary for Outstanding Guidance and Advice on Corporate Financing 

 At DBH Law we work hard to build long-lasting personal relationships with our clients while also being responsive and concise in providing them with pragmatic legal advice.  We regularly advise on stand-alone issues such as corporate financing, and also act as general advisors on all day-to-day aspects of running a business. Contact us online or by phone at 403.252.9937 to talk today.