Calgary Employment Agreement Lawyers

An employment agreement is a cornerstone of every workplace and provides a roadmap that governs the relationship between employees and employers. For both parties, it is critical that the contract is carefully drafted and/or reviewed by skilled legal counsel with specific knowledge and experience in employment law. A comprehensive employment agreement is the best way for both employers and employees to shield themselves from potential future litigation and ensure that their rights are protected.

At DBH Law in Calgary, our team of employment lawyers has been drafting, reviewing, and amending employment agreements for more than 25 years. We advise both employees and employers on this critical aspect of work life to mitigate risk and liability. We have reviewed hundreds of employment agreements for clients across various industries and sectors and our track record of excellence speaks for itself. We pride ourselves on the fact that most of our clients were referred to us by former and current clients.

Employment Agreements in Alberta

Employment agreements outline and define the terms and conditions of an employment relationship. A clearly written, unambiguous contract that has been reviewed and approved by an employment lawyer ensures that both parties have a fulsome understanding of their rights and obligations. Further, it helps to mitigate risk and potential litigation down the road.

Employment agreements should address a variety of aspects of the workplace relationship, including:

  • Salary and other compensation, including benefits;
  • Vacation time and pay;
  • Overtime;
  • Parental, personal, and other leaves;
  • Termination provisions, including the length of notice or pay-in-lieu of notice; and
  • Non-solicitation or non-compete clauses.

Much of employment-related litigation revolves around the terms in an employment contract. A poorly written, ambiguous, or legally unenforceable agreement can often result in protracted disputes between employees and employers or lengthy and expensive litigation. Canadian courts have made it clear that certain provisions in employment contracts, especially termination/notice provisions and non-solicitation/non-compete provisions will be heavily scrutinized. In order to avoid potential issues and disputes, it is best to proactively consult with legal counsel before presenting or signing an agreement.

The Importance of Employment Counsel

At the outset of any employment relationship and before any paperwork is finalized, it is crucial for both the employer and the prospective employee to obtain legal advice.

From the employer’s perspective, it is critical that employment agreements are tailored to each individual employee and that employers are not relying on a standard boilerplate contract. It is equally important for employers not to rely on contracts that they have written themselves without consulting a lawyer, or that they have used for many years without updating.

From the employee’s perspective, an employment lawyer will review the employment agreement and advise the employee on the rights and obligations outlined in it, and ensure that the contract is fair and reasonable. Even if an employee believes that the contract will protect them, or if the employee is happy about the terms and conditions, a lawyer should always be consulted before any final agreement is made and any contract is executed.

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