Calgary Lawyers Advising Clients on Commercial Leasing 

Entering in to a commercial lease represents a huge financial commitment and comes with significant legal risk. Because of this, it is critical for both landlords and tenants to obtain the advice of an experienced commercial leasing lawyer when negotiating a commercial lease and certainly before finalizing any agreement.

At DBH Law in Calgary, our experienced commercial real estate lawyers help our clients manage the risks of commercial leasing by providing trusted guidance in all aspects of their leasing affairs.

Commercial Real Estate Lawyers Protecting Your Interests 

Our friendly, personable, and professional team of lawyers are experienced and competent in their work. We understand that legal fees for real estate matters can add stress to your experience. Our pragmatic approach to the law allows us to focus on what matters the most to you, prioritizing your needs and interests while keeping costs low.

When you hire DBH Law for your commercial leasing matters, you’ll work directly with your lawyer rather than a team, keeping your costs affordable while building a strong personal relationship between you and your lawyer.

DBH Law Works with Both Landlords and Tenants 

The commercial real estate lawyers at DBH Law have close to 100 years of experience providing guidance and legal advice to both commercial landlords and tenants.

Our experience working on both sides of these relationships has given us insight into what each party looks for in a transaction and allows us to proactively address potential risks before they arise. We help our clients with:

  • Drafting and executing commercial leases;
  • Drafting and executing residential leases;
  • Lease renewals; and
  • Assignment and sublet of leases;

Contact the Real Estate Lawyers at DBH Law for Your Commercial Leasing Needs 

Contact the experienced commercial real estate team at DBH Law in Calgary to see how we can help you through your commercial leasing matters. We work with our clients every step of the way, negotiating for you and protecting your interests in the event of a dispute. Please reach out to us online or by phone at 403.252.9937 to talk today.