Calgary Wrongful Dismissal Lawyers Representing Terminated Employees

Being fired from your job can be one of the most devastating incidents that can occur. If you have been terminated, it is critical to consult with an experienced and knowledgeable employment lawyer as soon as possible to obtain timely legal advice. An employment lawyer can help you understand your options, will provide necessary guidance through an often confusing and stressful process, and will ensure that you receive the highest level of compensation possible.

For employers, the best protection against litigation for wrongful dismissal is to proactively ensure they have met all obligations to their staff by employing well-drafted employee agreements and severance packages. In cases where litigation moves ahead, retaining an experienced and highly skilled legal team is imperative.

For more than 25 years, the employment lawyers at DBH Law have represented employees and employers in wrongful dismissal actions. We take pride in building personal relationships with each of our clients and advising them through every step of the litigation process. Our clients have the peace of mind of knowing that their lawyer will work to obtain the best result possible so that the client can focus on moving forward.

Wrongful Dismissal in Alberta

Wrongful dismissal occurs where an employee’s employment contract is terminated, but the termination breaches employment legislation or a term in the contract itself. Most often, wrongful dismissal disputes arise:

  • Over the length of notice or pay in lieu of notice that an employee receives;
  • Where an employer fails to provide an employee with their final pay, vacation pay, or other remuneration to which an employee is legally entitled; or
  • Where an employer claims they have just cause to terminate an employee and opts not to offer termination pay.

Often, terminated employees do not realize that they may be entitled to more compensation or notice than what they have been provided with, or that they can dispute a just cause termination. Even where a severance package may seem reasonable or fair, it is often worth consulting with an employment lawyer in order to ensure that you are best protecting yourself.

In cases where an employer has performed their due diligence to ensure they have properly compensated a terminated an employee, or believes there was just cause for termination, our litigators will work to secure their interests in court or through negotiation.

How DBH Law Can Help

At DBH Law, our Calgary employment lawyers pride ourselves on our compassionate and common-sense approach to the law. When clients retain us, we work to resolve their matter swiftly, while minimizing their legal and financial risk and avoiding protracted litigation or trial.

In wrongful dismissal disputes, we will represent clients in all communications with their former employer or employee, guide them through all negotiations and mediations, and fight to ensure their rights are safeguarded. Where early resolution of the termination dispute is not possible, we rely on our exceptional litigation skills to represent clients through litigation and trial. In our many years of practice, we have successfully litigated hundreds of wrongful dismissal claims and represented clients at all levels of court in Alberta.

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