Calgary Litigation Lawyers Representing Borrowers and Lenders in Foreclosures 

For more than 25 years, the experienced litigation lawyers at DBH Law in Calgary have advised clients on a wide range of mortgage and foreclosure issues. We represent both borrowers and lenders in this highly technical and generally complex area of law. Our goal is to always resolve mortgage disputes and foreclosure issues quickly and efficiently and to bring them to the most satisfactory end for our clients.


Foreclosure is the legal process that a mortgagee/lender (generally a bank) can take to sell or take ownership of property where a mortgagor/property owner defaults on their mortgage.

While the terms of every mortgage are different, common acts of default include:

  • Failure to pay mortgage payments;
  • Significant property damage;
  • Failure to insure a property; and
  • Failure to pay property or other taxes, or condo fees.

In most cases, a mortgagee/lender can seek foreclosure if even one mortgage payment is missed. Generally, this will not happen as foreclosure is an expensive and lengthy legal process and it can be in the best interests of all parties if some sort of alternate agreement (e.g. a temporary change in pay schedule) is reached instead.

Calgary Lawyers Representing Borrowers Facing Foreclosure 

Property foreclosure can be complicated and confusing, and many homeowners and other property owners who are at risk of foreclosure, or who have already been subject to foreclosure, are not familiar with their options.

As a property owner or homeowner, being involved in a foreclosure can be an extremely stressful event that may potentially have a huge impact on your family life or business.

Should you find yourself in the unfortunate position of being unable to meet the terms of your mortgage agreement, or a lender has indicated that they may start proceedings against you, you should consult with a strategic and compassionate foreclosure lawyer right away.

At DBH Law, we regularly assist clients with a wide range of foreclosure matters. We advise on, among other things:

  • Negotiating with a bank or other lender;
  • Responding to a foreclosure action;
  • Quit Claims;
  • Consent Orders for Foreclosure; and
  • Appealing an Order for Foreclosure.

We have decades of experience helping our clients avoid foreclosure and will work with you and your lender to reach a solution that keeps you in your home or your property. We handle all communication with your lender, looking at options such as tapping into equity in your home, refinancing, or lowering your monthly payments. We also work to delay the date of foreclosure while we attempt to resolve the issue. Where needed, we will skillfully and resolutely represent you in any litigation that results.

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