Highly Skilled Calgary Estate Litigation Lawyers 

Estate disputes can be emotional, complicated, and time-consuming affairs. In addition to the significant stress they cause to the parties involved, Estate disputes can also rapidly deplete the assets and funds of an Estate, further negatively impacting the beneficiaries.

Proper Estate planning with the help of a knowledgeable and highly experienced Estates lawyer can help decrease the potential of future Estate litigation. Estate planning is something that all adults, regardless of the amount of wealth or assets they have, should think about doing to protect themselves, their assets, and their family and loved ones.

Where Estate disputes do arise, any resulting litigation should also be handled by a lawyer with significant experience in the area. At DBH Law, we have been helping clients with Estate related matters and representing them at trials and in other forms of dispute resolution for more than 25 years.

Alternative Dispute Resolution 

As the name implies, alternative Dispute Resolution (also known as ADR) is a means of resolving disputes outside of traditional methods such as going to court.

ADR includes mediation and arbitration, which both provide parties with the opportunity to work through their issues in a mutually beneficial and creative manner in a non-adversarial setting. ADR is more cost-effective than litigation, and still allows participants to protect their interests and reach fair agreements.

At DBH Law we strive to resolve Estate disputes through out-of-court settlements, mediations, and other alternative dispute resolution methods whenever possible. Our highly knowledgeable Calgary Estates lawyers work hard to find cost-effective and efficient solutions to our clients’ Estate related disputes before going to court.

Estate Litigation Lawyers Who Will Represent You in Court 

If you determine that litigation is the right option to resolve your Estate dispute, you need lawyers who are ready to assertively and fearlessly defend your rights in court, do everything they can to protect your interests, and help reach a favourable outcome.

At DBH Law, our pragmatic approach to the law means our clients receive competent, modern, professional service. Our cost-effective fees relative to other firms help keep our clients’ costs down, even during lengthy and complex Estate litigation, without sacrificing on responsive, concise, and very competent legal advice.

Cost-Effective Solutions to Challenging Estate Disputes 

At DBH Law, we recognize the financial impact that Estate litigation can have on your family. The litigation process can drag on for months, and sometimes years, adding emotional and financial stress to an already difficult situation.

We work diligently to provide pragmatic solutions to our clients, designed to cut to the heart of the matter and work for everyone. Our pragmatic approach to Estate litigation means we do whatever we can avoid taking unnecessary steps and unduly lengthening the process. We offer cost-effective fees and will work to keep costs down while ensuring you receive the best legal service possible.

Our Estate Litigation Services 

At DBH Law we work with a wide variety of clients, including executors, beneficiaries, attorneys for personal care, and attorneys for property.

We provide guidance and legal representation across a wide range of issues that arise from Estates, including:

  • Will interpretation;
  • Will challenges/contesting a Will;
  • Defending a Will;
  • Challenges to a Power of Attorney;
  • Removal of an Attorney;
  • Passing of accounts;
  • Removal of an executor or trustee;
  • Trust disputes;
  • Variations of Trusts; and
  • Dependent’s relief claims.

Contact the Calgary Litigation Lawyers for Assistance with Your Estate Disputes 

If you are involved in an Estate dispute, including a dispute over a Will, Power of Attorney, trust, or other Estate planning mechanism, contact the experienced Estate litigation team at Calgary’s DBH Law to see how we can help protect your rights and achieve the best possible resolution to your matter. We can be reached by online or by phone at 403.252.9937.