Calgary Employment Lawyers Advising on Workplace Safety & Work Refusals

Now more than ever, the right to a safe workplace is top of mind for many. Health and safety are critical elements in a functional and productive workplace. All employees have the right to a safe work environment, and employers within certain restraints are obligated to provide such an environment. This applies irrespective of the type of industry, or size and type of workplace.

Among the wide range of disputes that can arise in the workplace, disputes over safety and work refusals are relatively common. When such disputes arise, it is critical that they are resolved in a timely fashion so that employees remain protected, workplace practices and policies are amended or updated (if necessary), projects continue, and deadlines are met.

At DBH Law, our knowledgeable employment lawyers rely on more than 25 years of experience representing both employers and employees to provide strategic guidance in cases involving work refusals and workplace health and safety.

Right to Refuse Unsafe Work in Alberta

In Alberta, employees on both provincially and federally regulated work sites have the right to refuse to do any work that they reasonably believe will put themselves, or others, in danger. An employer cannot legally ask an employee to work in a situation where there is a health and safety danger, and an employee who refuses dangerous work is protected from reprisal for exercising their right.

Employers have a wide range of obligations and responsibilities when it comes to maintaining a safe workplace, including:

  • Ensuring employees understand how to identify and report hazards at the workplace;
  • Ensuring up to date policies and procedures are in place with respect to health and safety and that those policies are widely communicated;
  • Investigating any reported issues;
  • Taking proactive steps to prevent and eliminate any dangers;
  • Ensuring that any employees who refuse unsafe work continue to get paid while their claims are investigated;
  • Keeping thorough records/documentation relating to any claim or investigation.

Employees also have a number of obligations with respect to potential dangers at work, including:

  • Watching out for themselves and fellow co-workers;
  • Reporting any safety concerns;
  • Refusing work that is unsafe or that may put themselves or others in danger;
  • Following work refusal protocols.

Failure by employers or employees to fulfil their obligations can result in injury, death, litigation, or other liability.

How DBH Law Can Help

At DBH Law we strive to build strong connections with our employment clients, working with them as their needs change or develop from year-to-year. We are proud of the long-term relationships we build with our employment clients. We aim to be there for you not just at the outset of your employment, advising on employment contracts and other formalities, but also to be your trusted advisors at every other stage.

Our employment lawyers advise employers on safe workplace policies and procedures, training protocols, and other regulatory and legislative compliance obligations with respect to workers’ compensation and occupational health and safety. We also advise employees on their workplace rights and aim to protect those rights at all times.

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