Our Billing Structure 

When you hire a lawyer, you know you are going to get a bill. However, opening that bill does not have to be a surprise. At DBH Law, we don’t want our clients to ever be shocked when they hear from us. We are committed to transparency, flat fees whenever possible, and open communication with our clients.

Our Commitment to Transparency 

At DBH Law, we strive to ensure that your bill reflects the value of the work we have done. Our goal is to be transparent when it comes to the cost of our services, and we are deeply committed to keeping our clients informed.

  • As a new client, we will send you a letter outlining our fee structure and the services we provide;
  • At the outset of each service, we provide a quote or estimate.

Flat Fees Whenever Possible 

Whenever possible, we try to provide a flat fee quote. In situations where there are several options or solutions available, we try to provide you with a reasonable estimate of what it would cost to pursue each option. We also try to factor in any potential unknowns.

A Collaborative Approach 

At DBH Law we have a true open-door policy. We regularly consult and collaborate with one another to ensure that our clients are receiving the best possible advice and guidance that we can possibly provide.

You may not always see the behind-the-scenes work that goes into your file because it won’t show up on your bill- that is just who we are and how we do things.

To Learn More About Our Billing Structure, Reach Out and Contact Us 

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