Calgary Corporate Lawyers Helping Business Owners Incorporate

Launching a new business is full of important decisions that will govern how your company will operate for many years to come. Consulting with a knowledgeable corporate lawyer who can advise on how to incorporate and structure your company in the most favourable way is one of the first steps that you should take.

Incorporating Your Business 

There are many different ways in which to structure a company for legal incorporation. Each of these options offers different benefits and risks. At DBH Law we provide business law advice to new and emerging businesses across all sectors.

We have incorporated over 5,000 businesses and are always willing to assist clients with getting their venture off the ground. We provide cost-effective, practical, legal advice to meet your business incorporation needs and beyond.

If you are an individual entrepreneur, we can help you choose the incorporation structure that will benefit you the most. If you are working with multiple partners, we can advise you on how to incorporate your company with a structure that benefits multiple stakeholders and serves each of their needs.

Our Incorporation Services 

At DBH Law, we can help you:

  • Understand the various risks/benefits of corporate structures;
  • Determine the best structure for your company;
  • Complete the necessary paperwork including articles of incorporation, share sales and director information;
  • File paperwork to establish your new company; and
  • Provide ongoing legal support as your company grows.

Getting It Done Quickly and Efficiently 

Since we can complete new incorporations “in-house” from our Calgary law office, we offer very competitive rates to incorporate a new business here in Alberta. In fact, our rates to incorporate a new company start at $650.

Get started today. Our lawyers make incorporating a company simple and efficient while giving you peace of mind.

Contact DBH Law in Calgary to Discuss Incorporating Your Business 

Our talented legal team looks forward to hearing about your new business, guiding you through what needs to be done, identifying risk and advising on how you can manage it, and helping you navigate those first crucial stages of growth. With over 25 years of experience advising entrepreneurs and business owners, DBH Law has learned to provide personalized, professional services while consistently achieving results. Reach us online or call us at 403.252.9937 to discover how we can help you and your business.