Calgary Trademark Lawyers 

Distinguishing your business from competitors is key to success. You’ve worked hard to develop a recognizable brand or business and deserve to be the entity that profits from it. This can be done by obtaining a trademark. Trademarks allow customers to quickly and easily identify a brand or company and can be obtained in consultation with a knowledgeable trademark lawyer.

The highly skilled trademark agents and intellectual property lawyers at DBH Law can help protect your intellectual property and confidential information through a wide range of services including trademark and copyright registrations, sale and licensing agreements, and enforcement of trademarks.

We help our clients sort through the various options of intellectual property protection available to them and work to put a solution in place that protects their rights and ensures that your brand and innovation.


A trademark is a combination of letters, words, sounds, or designs that can be used to differentiate your business from your competition. As they are used, trademarks come to represent not only the goods or services provided by an individual or a company, but also that individual or company’s reputation. Trademarks can be priceless intellectual property.


Registered vs. Unregistered Trademarks 

Registering your unique trademark prevents another business from using it without your permission and can provide you with some legal protections.

Not all trademarks have to be registered. The common law recognizes your ownership of a trademark if you use it for long enough. However, if your unregistered trademark ends up in a dispute, you could be facing a long, costly fight over who has rights to that trademark and, therefore, who is able to legally use it.

Reasons to Register a Trademark 

There are a number of additional benefits to registering a trademark. Registering:

  • Establishes that the trademark is yours;
  • Grants you exclusive rights to use the trademark, nationwide, for 15 years (at which time it can be renewed. This can be done, indefinitely, every 15 years);
  • Prevents others from using a similar trademark to confuse customers/clients;
  • Allows you to flag trademark infringement; and
  • Can assist you in licensing, which can increase your brand’s popularity and your success.

How to Register a Trademark

Trademarks are registered through the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO). After filing your application, it will be reviewed for approval. If approved, it will be advertised in the Trade-Marks Journal, at which time other parties will have the opportunity to oppose the trademark. If no opposition is made to your application, the trademark will be registered.

Calgary Trademark Agents Protecting Your Intellectual Property 

At DBH Law we take pride in the strong relationships we have built with our clients, particularly businesses, as they move through the changing demands and challenges they face as their business grows.

We understand the often-prohibitive costs associated with obtaining legal advice. We offer competitive, cost-effective fees, something we are able to do by working one-on-one with our clients, avoiding the high fees associated with having multiple lawyers on a file unless absolutely necessary. We are also careful to take a pragmatic approach to the law, focusing on sensible solutions that speak to our clients’ unique needs and situations.

We work hard to keep our fees cost effective. In addition to our practical approach to the law, we also ensure our lawyers work directly with our clients, avoiding bringing in teams of lawyers unless absolutely necessary, and never without approval from our clients.

Our Trademark Law Services 

Our lawyers and trademark agents assist our clients with a range of trademark law services, including:

  • Trademark and copyright restrictions;
  • Sale and licensing agreements;
  • Infringement and enforcement of rights; and
  • Trademark and copyright restriction.

Calgary Trademark Lawyers Who Can Help with Your Intellectual Property Needs 

Contact DBH Law if your business or brand has intellectual property you would like to protect. Our experienced trademark lawyers can work with you to create a solution customized for your unique business needs. We provide personal guidance and practical, reliable advice to mitigate your legal and financial risks. Contact us online or by phone at 403.252.9937 to schedule a consultation today.