Calgary Bankruptcy & Insolvency Lawyers 

Understanding the rights of the various parties involved in a bankruptcy and insolvency process is critical to successfully navigating any related negotiation or litigation. The outstanding litigation lawyers at DBH Law have over 90 years of combined experience in working with creditors and debtors through what can be a confusing and stressful process.

Calgary Lawyers Representing Debtors in Bankruptcy & Insolvency 

It’s important to find an experienced lawyer early in the bankruptcy process. Our outstanding litigation lawyers work with individuals and corporations to make sure their rights are protected through every stage of the process, whether that means negotiating with creditors, or working through a reorganization or restructuring in order to resolve your issues. We take a pragmatic approach to the law, seeking creative approaches to avoid litigation and the high fees that can come with it. But rest assured, should litigation become necessary, we will fight alongside our clients every step of the way.

Litigation Lawyers Working with Creditors 

At DBH Law we have decades of experience in helping various types of creditors understand and pursue their rights through the bankruptcy and insolvency process, helping them recover debts while avoiding expensive litigation whenever possible. We look for creative solutions while employing a complete understanding of the specific rights and issues facing all parties involved.

A Full Range of Bankruptcy & Insolvency Services 

The experienced, professional, and friendly bankruptcy and insolvency lawyers at DBH Law help our clients with:

  • Asset protection;
  • Bankruptcy discharge;
  • Bankruptcy sales;
  • Corporate bankruptcy;
  • Reorganization;
  • Corporate and consumer proposals
  • Personal bankruptcy; and
  • Receivership.

Contact the Litigation Lawyers at DBH Law in Calgary For Excellent Guidance and Advice In Bankruptcy And Insolvency 

At DBH Law we offer a friendly, personable, and professional approach to our work. We take pride in building long-lasting personal relationships with our clients while also being responsive and concise in providing you with pragmatic legal advice. When you work with DBH Law, you will work directly with one of our experienced lawyers and won’t be billed for work from other members of our team without being fully apprised of the need to do so. Contact us online or by phone at 403.252.9937 to talk today.